About Us


Powered by its reliable infrastructure and innovative vision distilled from 50 years of business experience, Doğanlar Holding, one of the leading group of companies in Turkey, operates in construction sector, particularly in the field of superstructure and infrastructure projects, through its group company Doğyap. Doğyap is part of a well-established company and  has a major role in local and global market thanks to its experienced team,  large machinery park  and world-class advanced construction technologies and applications. 

Doğyap rapidly organized and established itself in the construction sector and currently operates in the fields of local and international superstructure, infrastructure and real estate development projects. Herewith, Doğyap which maintains its relations with both states and private investors, aims to be the solution partner of states, while working with private investors on models that produce value-added projects and bring them together with the end user.

Doğyap is aware of being a part of a strong financial structure like Doğanlar Holding, which is among the top 100 groups in Turkey, and the responsibility it brings. It aims to meet the expectations of its customers, employees and business partners in most accurate way. It stands out with its transparent and principled management approach as well as a quality brand approach that introduces a fresh breath into the construction industry. 

Doğyap has made an impact in the sector through its shopping mall, residence, school, dormitory, wholesale market complex, logistics center and power plant projects. As a primary objective, Doğyap aims to develop and implement housing and office construction projects, wholesale market complex, logistics center, power plant, treatment plant and other infrastructure and superstructure EPC projects. While contributing to the development of the countries, it adopts a corporate policy to choose methods that respect and are sensitive to the environment, human and animal rights and to comply with internationally-accepted codes and procedures developed to that end.



To be a construction company that makes a difference in the world by applying new technology and engineering through innovative solutions and completing qualified projects through high-quality delivery.


It aims to create sustainable living and business space by prioritizing respect for nature in the projects it develops while contributing to social and business life and providing the greatest satisfaction to its customers by standing out with its practices up to international standards in terms of occupational and environmental safety.


Knowing that it is impossible to achieve success in the construction industry without upholding business ethics, Doğyap puts accuracy, transparency, trust, sustainability and integrity at the heart of its work.